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Natalie's 2 and a half months already! Man..... I was just watching her and I started thinking of when she gets old enough to get married and whatnot... Made me a bit sad coz I want her to stay this way forever. She's so much more interactive now. She hasn't discovered her hands yet, but she coos A LOT and even knows how to make different sounds using her tongue. What a smart little thing. She wakes up wide-eyed and bushy-tailed every morning, sometimes a bit too early so I breast feed her without getting up and she falls back asleep. I feel like I'm cheating coz I force her to sleep again but I'm just not used to waking up at 5, 6am in the morning.

At 2 months she started sleeping for a lot longer. When I first put her to sleep she sleeps, on average, for 5 hrs (longest so far has been 6hrs), and then she wakes up every couple hours after that. But that means I basically get to sleep all night and when I wake up to feed her it only lasts for 10 mins then she goes back to sleep straight away. I don't have to hold her anymore to put her back to sleep now so I'm a happy mummy and I don't feel sleep-deprived at all :D During the day she can get a bit fussy though.. She's already learned to cry her lungs out and her lungs are so strong coz her one breath lets out a very loud cry plus it lasts a loonnggg time. Her face turns beet red too haha.
Her muscles are getting stronger too and she's so damn active I'm thinking she might be hyper like a boy and once she's able to run around, I'm going to be chasing after her everywhere. If that happens I'll leave it up to Oli to manage her energy level lol.

Seriously though, whenever I look at her I just want another baby. Not straight away of course coz I want to give my undivided attention to Nattie, but I want to experience this not once, but TWO more times!!! :P I loved being pregnant and I love being a mum! Oli's pretty keen to get me pregnant again straight away but that ain't gonna happen for at least a year and a half lol.

Nattie loves her car seat more than her bouncer and sleeps in it easily during the day :) She's looking so cozy...zzzz..

08/11/2013 1:22am

hahaha that's so funny that she sleeps in her car seat like a little buddha! you are so lucky to get sleep! i'm still struggling with sleep deprivation (but getting used to it now by 7 months....). madeleine doesnt sleep at ALL through the night. will she ever???? lucky momma!! nattie is so so adorable, kisses for her xxxx


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