As I mentioned in one of my earlier blogs, I started knitting a blanket for Natalie using 100% organic Alpaca wool. It was put on halt a couple weeks before I gave birth and I recently picked it up again, thinking I should try to knit every time she's taking a nap. I've only been able to knit 5 rows in the last 2 days :/ The blanket's pretty big which is what I was aiming for so that I can use it for a couple of years. Considering I'm a self-taught knitter I think I'm doing an okay job :) I enjoy doing it and I'm thinking maybe I should make little blankets for my friends' babies??

Natalie was making a fuss this morning, waking up every time we thought she'd fallen asleep in our arms so we put her down, then she would wake up straight away and start crying again. So mum put the teddy bear around her head so she feels like someone's holding her. It worked for about 30mins. Better than nothing! Now she's been sleeping in the bed next to my mum for almost 2hrs which is great because I've had time to reply to emails and update my blog! WooHOO! Thank you mama! Once she's fast asleep, nothing will wake her so I'm pretty happy about that. My sister's second daughter Mei (3yrs old now) would wake up at the tiniest sound when she was a baby and made my sister's husband want to put her in the closet a few times coz once she woke up it took ages to put her back to sleep. So thank you Natalie for being a deep sleeper :)


06/25/2013 12:29am

Nice blankie!!! I so wish I could knit! I bought myself a pack of crochet hooks but they're still in the package lol...
Madeleine sleeps with a nursing pillow around her. I started doing that when she was a newborn because she'd do the same, wake up whenever I'd put her down and it really saved my sanity! She has this thing of burying her face in it, at first it scared the shizzle out of me because I was afraid she'd suffocate but now that she rolls around I'm less worried (though I still check her loads). She also likes to pull her blankie over her face when she sleeps -__-, really freaked me out for awhile but I noticed the other day she is able to push things away from her face now. In France they tell you to let them sleep in a "sleeping bag" thing so as to not have anything close to their faces, but it has never worked for me. If a pediatrician had seen what I was doing (big ass nursing pillow + blanket) especially when she was a newborn they probably would have taken her away from me, but come on!!! You can't expect a newborn who's been tightly bundled up in your womb for the past 9 months to suddenly emerge and be ok about sleeping in a big cold empty bed!!


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