Oli and I first found out I was pregnant around mid-September. It was he who bought the pregnancy test from the pharmacy on his way home from work one day and told me to take it, and sure enough it was a positive read. I tested myself again the next morning to make sure it wasn't a false alarm. I have to say, I was extremely excited but quite apprehensive at the same time.. Ever since I turned 27 and even more so when I turned 28, I was feeling very clucky but knew that I can't just get pregnant because I felt that way. I was also unsure about how Oli might take the news.

First thing we did was to make an appointment at a nearby clinic to get a proper pee and blood test to confirm the pregnancy and then decide what to do from there. When that was properly taken care of and I was definitely without a shadow of a doubt pregnant, we booked an ultrasound to see approximately how far along I was and the results told us I was about 4 weeks pregnant. With this life-changing news that we were unprepared for, it took us a fair few weeks and lots of ups and downs (excitement, anxiety, long talks, tears at times) to decide what we should do.. I was in my last year of uni and only had two months to go before graduation. I had excellent job prospects as a graduate accountant for the new year 2013 and both Oli and I had a lot of things we both wanted to do before thinking of settling down or having any children.

But alas, we both decided that we wanted to keep the baby and here I am today, 32 weeks pregnant and having only 8 weeks to go until the little one enters this world :D Oli and I are both extremely excited and are ready for the various challenges and changes our little girl will bring about in our lives.
Steph L. Tan
5/5/2013 05:20:44 pm

I am extremely proud of you and Oli for making all the right decisions :) And I am ridiculously excited for the little one to pop out of you (okay, I just kinda freaked out a little right when I typed that). Hahaha thanks for putting this blog up and sharing your experiences with us! Love you Yoks <3

5/5/2013 06:16:12 pm

hehehe hopefully she comes out as easy as a "pop"! Don't worry there will be a detailed blog about my whole labour & birthing experience with all the gory details! Not long to go now that I'm 36 weeks pregnant! So glad you're taking some time out of your busy schedule to read up on my blog. It's muchly appreciated aunty Steph :) Miss and love you!! xoxoxo


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